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Church of St. Raphael Archangel
Frequently Asked Questions
About Liberal Catholicism

What is the relationship of the above 4 items?

There is NO relationship between the Theosophical Society & The Liberal Catholic Church.  They are separate organizations pursuing separate agendas and programs.  They have separate structures and functions.  Although their purpose is the SAME.

If I become a member of the Church must I also join the Theosophical Society?

If I join the Theosophical Society must I become a member of the Church?

THE TWO ORGANIZATIONS ARE COMPLETELY SEPARATE!  Although there is often times a dual membership.  A majority of the members of the Church are also members of the Theosophical Society, but the reverse is not true.  Membership in the Theosophical Society draws from a very wide and diverse background of Faiths, and even those of no faith.

The Theology of the Liberal Catholic Church - Theosophia Synod does not accept or follow the common pattern of Western Christian or Roman Catholic Theology.  Our Theology is Christian Platonism; we follow Plato's line of thinking.  It is very akin and similar to, but slightly different than Orthodox Theology.  We have more in common with Orthodox Theology than we have with Roman or Protestant teaching.  The Theosophical Teachings of H.P. Blavatsky as articulated by Dr. Annie Besant & Bishop C.W. Leadbeater are the ONLY Theology of our Church.  What ARE these Teachings?  To satisfactorily answer this you should take the class in Basic Theosophy,  you will be learning Christian Platonism.   Christian Platonism was the Theological view of many of the early Gnostic Doctors of The Church before Rome gained political control and repressed it.  Origin, Clement of Alexandria, John Scotius Erigina, and many others were Christian Platonists -- and so are we.

Because our ONLY Theology IS Theosophy (Christian Platonism) you are assured that no Clergyman in our church will ever dictate to you a standard of belief or behavior.  We are completely NON-authoritarian and NON-dogmatic.  We respect individual choices.  Our ability to do this stems from our Theosophical Teachings.  So, although at times we may voice differences, there is NEVER any compulsion to conformity.  Our clergy are NOT authorized at any time to issue "You Haftas."  NO "You Haftas" in our Church...all thanks to the Theosophical underpinning and grounding of our Theology.  You have complete responsibility for your own decisions.  Our clergy ARE always happy to ADVISE when requested, but you have to request the advice.  And you are under NO obligation to follow it.  All the decisions ARE yours.  Our clergy must respect YOUR decision WHATEVER IT MAY BE.  Our Spiritual disciplines encourage and nurture..

  1. Self Responsibility,

  2. Self-Effort,

  3. Self-Reliance,

and provide you with the help, aid, and assistance of The Holy Sacraments of The Church to strengthen and encourage you.  You are NOT alone, although at times it may seem that way.  Jesus Christ, The Communion of Saints, and the Holy Angels are ever ready, standing by to help you when you are receptive to their aid.